New Music Recommendations – 22nd November 2019

by Dave Bertram

Up this week, we have Eve Owen, BRJ favourite Brooke Bentham, JFDR, Hannah Ashcroft, Soccer Mommy, Bonnie Prince Billy, Field Music and Lee Ranaldo all with new music on the stocks.

Following multiple performances with The National—including last month on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn, NY—London-based Eve Owen has joined 37d03d Records. She has also shared her Aaron Dessner-produced debut single, She Says which showcases the power of her warm, enchanting voice and tender songwriting.

Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, JFDR, has this week released the second single from her upcoming album, New Dreams – due out in March. 2017 LP, Brazil, was a work of genius, and My Work does nothing to suggest that her second solo record will not follow suit.

Field Music’s new single Money is a Memory – a funk-filled jam about WW1 repayments – enjoy!

Brooke Bentham has announced the release of her debut album, BRJ-produced, Everyday Nothing on AllPoints and with it comes second single, Perform for You – a melancholy meditation on the power dynamics in toxic relationships. Inspired by novels that Brooke was reading at the time, she probes beneath the surface of a doomed romance from the get-go. Listen above.

Manchester’s Hannah Ashcroft has released her new single, Landfire. This week has seen support come from 6 Music and Balloon Machine, and it’s no surprise given the brilliance of the Manchester artist.


Nashville native Soccer Mommy has followed up last single, Lucy, with a bolder sound, more advanced production on the seven-minute epic yellow is the color of her eyes. Watch the new video below.

With Squid Eye, from last week’s new album, I Made a Place, Bonnie “Prince” Billy counts the ways, extolling the promise of a future once we’re prepared to “take from the awful an awesome”. Cascades of guitar, flute and sax herald this celebration of knowing and persevering – listen above.

Lee Ranaldo and Raul Refree have announced details of their new album, Names of North End Women, out on Mute on 21st February. Watch the video for the title track here, a free edit of Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky’s 1999 film Outer Space, itself an appropriation of The Entity (1982, Sidney J. Furie).

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