Green Man 2021 – Ones To Watch

Nestled in the beauty of the Welsh Mountains lies a festival that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds for a showing of music that spans many genres. In Green Man, there are those that go and say that they have found a festival, but more importantly a community.

Ahead of this year’s festival, headlined by the likes of Caribou, Tirzah, Mogwai and many more, we wanted to share those acts that may pass you by, but that we’ll definitely be visiting. These are our ones to watch:

Wet Leg 

Bursting into the limelight with debut single, Chaise Lounge, the Isle of Wight based duo have gained support across an array of demographics for their ability to fuse elements of brash punk with charming lyricism and dashes of French disco. Despite mixing all of these sounds, they seem to master all of them and, in doing so, have created a sound that is quite simply refreshing. As easy to dance to in the kitchen as they will be a moshpit, Wet Leg are a band you’ll want to catch now before their inevitable ascent.

Kelly Lee Owens

Hailing from the rurality of the North Welsh coast line, Kelly Lee Owens is an artist that creates moments. Following on from her self titled debut in 2017, 2020 saw the release of the future cult classic, Inner Song. An album that never shied away from experimentation, the mercurial works of Owens stand tall in their desire to break boundaries. Spacious and transfixing, yet pulsating and adrenaline charged in equal measure, Kelly Lee Owens is an artist whose beauty lies in the fact you never quite know what’s coming next, and her late night show will no doubt be the same – so make sure you are there for the journey.

Erland Cooper

While the return to festivals, and for most live music, will almost certainly bring an overwhelming release of pent up excitement, should you need a moment of calm to collect your thoughts and regather your feelings, the music of Erland Cooper is a set you won’t want to miss. Through a atmospheric serenity and fleeting yet heartfelt lyrical odes to his home of Orkney, Cooper is sure to offer some much needed home comforts for those entering reality for the first time again.

Check out our thoughts on Erland Cooper’s albums, Sule Skerry and Hether Blether here.

Martha Skye Murphy

There’s a sense of mystique that surrounds Martha Skye Murphy – one that can both captivate and unsettle you at the same time. Warping together a gothic folk songwriting ability with the controlled chaos with some form of sonic disintegration, Murphy is an act that goes about things in a way unlike others. And be that howling, hissing or whatever else should occur within her set, it promises to be nothing short of a spectacle.

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Blood Wizard

An artist with vocal style plucked from the past, but an aesthetic that lends itself to some kind of cowboy meets the middle ages dystopia, Blood Wizard is an artist that will no doubt win over listeners regardless of demographic. Holding a timeless vocal charm that wouldn’t have been a miss in some late 60’s country rock records, the Moshi Moshi signed act’s show will be one for all ages.

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