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anrimeal – the recording project of Porto-born, London-based Ana Rita de Melo Alves – today presents a remarkable companion piece to last year’s stunning debut album, Could Divine.

Could Divine, Remembered is part-musings, demos, remixes and reflections held together by the beautifully overlapping textures that populate Ana’s musical model worlds, creating a truly unique and immersive experience that gifts the listener an insight into this exceptional artist.

With Could Divine having garnered lavish praise from the likes of Mojo, The Wire, God is in the TV and Radio X’s John Kennedy for its intriguingly beautiful soundscapes, ethereal intimacy and abstract inventiveness, … Remembered invites an exploration of the artistic process of its sister record and Ana herself, with the agonies and epiphanies of creativity explored in an often intense and deeply personal display of artistry.

Available from Bandcamp through a collaboration with Ana’s own Demo Records and Crossness Records, all profits from the release will be donated to Plataforma de Apoio aos Refugiados, a network of charitable organisations supporting refugees in Portugal and around the world.

Ana kindly spoke to Secret Meeting ahead of its release to shine a light on some of the artists currently inspiring her…

Belle Jar

Last Word of Love was the first artistic project I was ever involved in in a serious way (as an engineer/producer, although it felt more casual than that at the time). It was also the first time I was someone’s true fan and true friend simultaneously. Belle Jar’s masterful songwriting is sadly largely undiscovered but Last Word of Love is without a doubt one of the most important albums in my life.

Wayne Phoenix

I’m still not sure who Wayne Phoenix is, I found his soaring wayne phoenix story the earth album very randomly online and fell in love with it instantly on a first listen. It’s incredibly spontaneous, intuitive, intense, personal and texturally interesting. It’s like having a late night conversation with a very close friend. A truly unique piece of work.

The Silver Field

I met Coral (of TSF) through my good friend Hannah Ehrlich, who is very generously putting her heart and soul into supporting both our works through Crossness Records. Coral is an unparalleled talent, her songs are whole like moving paintings, with so much depth, colour and flavour. Each track in Sing High! Sing Low! is like an epic dream and, I know this sounds cliché, a beautiful musical landscape.

Wendy Eisenberg

I’ve just very recently come into contact with Wendy’s work, and it’s been a blessing. Their music is such a perfect blend of so many artists I’ve been obsessed with for years like Still House Plants, Richard Dawson and Ashley Paul. The tracks are structurally fluid, poetic, intense, honest but somehow not overbearing, a very fine line to walk.


Lastly, I wanted to shout out my friend David who is an incredible songwriter/producer with a keen ear for space and rhythm. His music feels deeply personal, sometimes harsh, but somehow always catchy.

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