Five Right Now: Slow Pulp

Providing comfort in their haze and reassurance from the ever glowing warmth that radiates off the vocals of Emily Massey – be it accompanying a long summer drive or a sleepless night, the charm of Slow Pulp lies in the ease at which they slot into our everyday lives.

Following the latest release of new B-side, Iowa, which will feature on new collection, Deleted Sceneswe caught up with the Chicago based band to see who they had been listening to as of late. Here are their picks:

Teddy: No StarCherry Springs

No Star is a Chicago-based band that I met last summer through our guitarist, Henry, who did some mixing work with them. We ended up getting a practice space together and have really loved getting to know them. In the last few months, they’ve put out three fantastic singles – Cherry Springs, Gardenview, and Shiny Thing. Cherry Springs is a stand out for me. I love how the melody holds the song together and that they’re able to build and release tension with only a few layers dropping in and out. They are real masters of crafting tight songs!

Alex: Wednesday – Handsome Man

I was just introduced to Wednesday by our friend, Andrew. We were sitting at a picnic and he interrupted a conversation to tell me I had to check out this song that he knew I’d like. I got really excited when I finally got home and had a chance to listen to it, Handsome Man hit super hard and hooked me. I listened to their older records and watched a couple of live sessions that gave me a feeling that reminded me of when I first started getting into music. The melodies are full of hooks, the songs are crafted with a lot of care, and the noise/feedback is crushingly gentle. It also just seems like they are having a lot of fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, great vibes all around.

Henry: Morray – Quicksand

My co-worker at the restaurant I work at was playing some songs by this artist, Morray, in the kitchen a few months ago, and I still can’t stop listening to this one. He’s from North Carolina, has a lengthy background as a gospel singer and I think just started putting out new songs sometime last year. I love his voice, his particular blend of singing/rapping, the way he moves through the melody in this song. It almost feels like the whole song is a series of different hooks and really locks you in start to end. There’s also a great video on youtube of him singing this song in studio which I love, just as good as the recorded version in a different way

Emily: Dua Saleh  Umbrellar

Dua Saleh put out an amazing EP last year and umbrellar has continued to end up on my playlists through 2021 – it’s so good. They played a SXSW showcase right before us in 2019, and I remember being really nervous to play after them ’cause their stage presence was so captivating and energetic. I was an immediate fan. They are also from Minneapolis, so we are practically midwestern neighbours!

Slow Pulp (Full Group): Strange Ranger – Needing You

We here at Slow Pulp love this song and this band! Really dig the drum sound on this song. The chorus melody / backing vocals are very catchy, and the way some of the electronic elements blend with the distorted guitars is super satisfying. We’ll be touring with Strange Ranger this winter and we’re all super excited to hear them live for the first time!

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