Five Right Now: Maple Glider

Released in June, Tori Zietsch’s debut album as Maple Glider, To Enjoy Is The Only Thing, is a special record that is filled with warmth and heart. Having loved the album, we caught up with the Australian songwriter to find out what she has been been listening to of late.

These are Tori’s Five Right Now picks:

Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel – Hidden Qi 

From beginning to end, this song is so GOOD. Mindy’s music is incredibly entrancing, and Tim is a really amazing producer. I was obsessed with Mindy’s EP, An Improvisation Through Space and Time, when it was released last year. Hidden Qi is taken from a collaborative EP between Mindy and Tim Shiel, and it DELIVERS. I listen to this song heaps – it’s on pretty much every playlist I make. I put it on a lot while I’m working or driving, I find it’s really great music for me whilst I’m trying to concentrate or be productive. Bless you Mindy + Tim.

June Jones, Geryon – Motorcycle 

This is the most recent release from June Jones. I first saw her live when she released her debut solo album, Diana, in 2019 and when she played her song, Big Art Museum, I was about ready to cry my eyes out. She released her second solo self-produced album, Leafcutter, this year and each track gives so much that it’s hard to pin a favourite. Motorcycle was co-produced by her friend, Geryon, and mastered by Aphir, who is another incredible singer-songwriter/vocalist/producer/engineer living in Naarm/Melbourne. June’s melodies are so, so good and this song is so damn catchy – pretty sure last night it was playing in my dreams.

Babitha – The Clown

Babitha released a debut EP earlier this year called, Through The Light, and I’ve had it on repeat. I love it and I love The Clown. The lyrics are brilliant, the melodies sink deep into my bones and give me such a happy sad feeling. I was so damn elated when I found out she was keen to play at a show I’m putting on later this year… gonna sing all her lyrics back to her and have the best time. She’s definitely inspired me to get back into writing. Thanks Babs.

Kee’ahn – Better Things

This song is so damn beautiful. It came out in the middle of last year- a time everyone really needed to feel some hope. I find the warmth and richness of Kee’ahn’s vocals and the arrangement really comforting to listen to. I would wake up in the morning, go outside, put this song on and water the garden as a daily routine. The veggie garden I planted became so big – the soil was rich and filled with nutrients, and my mind found so much quietness and solace in these moments. I’ve been listening to this song persistently for an entire year, and each time I feel the same hopefulness and calm inside. Kee’ahn is someone I am so so excited to be able to listen to for many many years to come.

Big Scary – One In A Million

Big Scary is Joanna Syme and Tom Iansek, and I love them. I’d been a massive fan of Big Scary for years, and, in 2017, I won a competition run by their label, Pieater, to record a song with Tom. That’s the first time we all met, and they are the reason I got to record and release my own album. There are so many great Big Scary songs to talk about, but at the moment it feels like I might be eternally obsessed with One In A Million from their most recent album, Daisy, because I literally can’t stop talking about it and listening to it. The lyrics to this song are so beautiful, the arrangement is simple and thoughtful, and Jo’s vocals are sung in a way that makes me feel like I’m listening in on an extremely intimate moment. They’ve been playing music together for 15 years and have contributed so much to our industry and to their communities and we are damn lucky to enjoy new music from them.

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