Five Right Now: Luca Wilding

While comparisons with a certain Sufjan Stevens are justified and might initially prick the ears, the talent of Luca Wilding feels like one suited to being hidden in the shadows. But with new single, Book Of Fate, it is out of these shadows he has emerged.

With a startling vocal display and an attention to detail that warrants listen after listen, the artist from South East London creates a sense of the ethereal within his music. And it’s within these moments that the comparisons to the likes of Stevens and Justin Vernon seem more of a compliment than a curse. For although Wilding’s not yet amassed the back catalogue of the aforementioned artists, his true talent also lies in his ability to conjure atmosphere.

Following the release of Book of Fate, we caught up with the artist to see who he had been listening to as of late. Here are his Five Right Now picks:

Timber Timbre – Demon Host 

Demon Host is a humbling song. One of those that everyone wishes they’d written. It’s a beautiful story-song littered with symbol; beautifully intertwining high-sentence and colloquialism. Timber-Timbre’s production balances modern elements with tradition. I heard this a few years back and couldn’t stop listening to it. One of those songs that you want to cover, but you know the only way is backwards.

Big Thief – Pretty Things

This is a monster of a song. I truly believe that Adrianne Lenker is one of the very few people currently writing at the level of the greats. I remember when I first heard this: one of my best friends had just fallen in a long battle with mental illness. The subject of the song happens to share his name. I always imagine Lenker meeting him by chance and spending an evening with him – seeing into him and writing this. I know it didn’t happen that way, but that’s the singular, transformational power that music wields. One of the lines reads ‘There is a meeting in my thighs / where in thunder and lightening men are baptised / In their anger and fighting their deceit and lies / I’ve got lips like sugar.’ And what can you say about that?

Beverley Glenn-Copeland – Ever New 

This song is so full of hope. I heard it last year as I was falling in love at the end of the first lockdown. Copeland’s voice is mellifluous. The production too is really brave; beautifully lo-fi and overbrimming with clever, sparing references. When I hear it now, I will always think with that sad-happiness of that summer of new beginnings.

Frank Ocean – Moon River

Whenever I hear this song I am recalled to a slow drive along the coast last summer. A friend of mine who was driving us home from the beach put it on and told us it’s what she wants us to play at her funeral. I’d never listened to much Frank Ocean, but he is such a unique talent. The sun was setting as it played, and it sets still in my mind every time it comes on.

Laura Rivers – That’s All Right (Håkan Hellström Edit)

This is another song which transports me back in time. Always to a summer some time ago! I heard this two Junes ago when I was falling for a girl that ended up helping me write To – the title track of my first EP. Wherever you are, this song lifts you right out of there. Laura Rivers’ vocal is one of the purest things I’ve ever heard, and Hellström ties it together beautifully with this flawless string arrangement.

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