Five Right Now: Louien

With an assortment of gritty off-kilter guitars and serene string peaks, the works of indie folk gem, Louien, is brewing up quite the storm in the quiet corners of the alternative UK scene. Hailing from Norwegian shores and with collaborations featuring the likes of Siv Jakobsen under her belt, the artist has gained a following for the fluidity in which she blends together string-led folk with a roaring underbelly of rock to create songs fitting for fans of both genres.

Ahead of her latest single, Deep Within, out on Jansen Records, we caught up with the artist to see who else has been making waves over in Norway. Here are her Five Right Now picks:

Mikhael Paskalev – Burn

This guy’s music is eccentric, intricate, and extremely catchy at the same time, his lyrics are deep and his vocals are just so darn good! I’m so fortunate to have him as a feature on my latest track Deep Within, I almost can’t believe my luck. One of my favorite songs of Mikhael’s is Burn from his album Heavy. Give it a spin and thank me later!

Hajk – Medicine

One of my all time favorite Norwegian bands, this is a group creating musical genius in my opinion. I first heard Medicine on Soundcloud and was floored. Their debut album has been a very important one for me. I had it on repeat for months when it first came out. The lyrics, their voices, the production… It’s heartfelt pop with so many wonderful and quirky details.

Electric Eye – Mercury Rise

If you’re into dreamy, trippy, catchy-as-hell rock, you’re in for a treat! Their album, Different Sun, is my favorite, I can’t count the times I’ve listened to the song Mercury Rise while dancing alone in my living room. Their guitarist Øystein Braut is playing the guitar on my song Better Woman, and even though he’s a friend I’m a little star struck every time I hear him play.

Frøkedal – Takedown

Anne Lise Frøkedal has been in various bands in Norway over the years, and she never ceases to create authentic, different pop music with a very unique nerve. I instantly fell for her band Frøkedal’s latest single, Takedown – her voice and the melody fitting perfectly together, and the arrangements are feather light and soothing.

Hilma Nikolaisen – Maybe Today (Satan)

This woman’s voice gets to me every time. Its tone is deep and insistent, which makes me hang on to every note. Her music is usually what I’d describe as pop/rock, but, on her latest album, she’s taken it to another realm altogether. The production is more stripped down and much softer, and incredibly beautiful. Check out her track Maybe Today (Satan).

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