Five Right Now: Lazy Queen

Lazy Queen are an Oslo-based outfit with a unique outlook. Columbian-born lead singer, Henrik Garcia Søberg, is a passionate advocate for mental health and LGBT issues. A non-binary artist, his struggles with addiction and depression came to a head during a period living in New York, culminating in a suicide attempt.

New single, Throwaway, is unflinching in the manner in which Søberg addresses those issues. Indeed, the authenticity impressed us so much, we wanted to ask Søberg and co about their influences, learning who inspired them to grow comfortable in their own skin. These are Lazy Queen’s Five Right Now picks:

Henrik García Soeberg (vocals, guitar): Slowthai (feat. Musa Mara) – Doorman

When I first discovered this track, I didn’t really listen to anything else for about a week. Just keeping it on repeat for days on end. Everything about it floored me; the energy, the sounds, the lyrics, the perfect mash of rap and post punk – two of my favorite genres. I got asked in a recent interview who I would like to see Lazy Queen collaborate with, and it would be an absolute dream to work with Musa Mara.

Jonas Royeng (drums): G Jones – Immortal Light

Super duper trippy electronic music. I keep coming back to the EP it’s on. Exciting guy to pay attention to!

Jon Bernhard Hunskaar (bass): The Guilt – New Knives

Disco and punk are finally mixed together – what’s not to like? The Guilt’s music demands the attention it deserves by being aggressive and in your face, danceable as fuck, and at the same time it manages to deliver a statement – be it political or not – that anyone can relate to. While listening, you are allowed, some might even say encouraged, to be pissed off, happy and pumped simultaneously, which reminds me of my first encounters with punk rock and the kinda frightened delight I felt in those moments. This is sonic alchemy, and I love it.

Petter Enger Anderdal (guitar): Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Devil Inside Me

This is the first Rattlesnakes’ song I heard, and it just got me straight away with the main riff. It’s just a great angry dance hit. The lyrics – about dealing with your inner demons, past mistakes and regrets – are something I think anybody can relate to. I certainly did. I have enjoyed all three albums from the band so far, and I‘m looking forward to see what they’ve got coming up next!

Peter Steinholt Mortensen (guitar): Sheer Mag – What You Want

If I’m going to point to one current act that I love, and that deserves attention, it will have to be Sheer Mag. I discovered them through their latest album, which came out last year. But for this occasion, I’ll be picking the first track from their first release, just so you know where to get started. It’s called What You Want – a confused, raunchy heartbreak of a song. They give me hope.

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