Five Right Now: Lazarus Kane

With festival season finally in full swing after a two year hiatus, Lazarus Kane hit End Of The Road this weekend to bring songs from their forthcoming EP, Psychobabble, to life. Led by recent singles, Milk At My Door and Williston, ND, the Bristol-based six-piece’s blend of bright guitars, explosive bass and howling vocals are sure to win over the festival audiences across the country.

Here are their Five Right Now picks:

caroline – BRJ  (Louis)

I have seen caroline live a few times and I have to say they move me to tears jevery time. They don’t play this track live, but I can’t think of a more perfect song to encapsulate their sound. There is something incredibly immediate yet so very distant to BRJ. It’s absolutely stunning.

Logic1000 – You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go (Harry)

Whoever said ‘a person who tries to please everyone, pleases noone’ has clearly not heard Logic1000. Utilitarian yet inventive – a difficult combo to strike. Versatile music – good for a library or a labyrinth. You choose. Great sound design too – the more you listen the more you hear. I recommend NOT changing the equaliser settings on Spotify for these songs as they are very well mixed… Well unless you have your extra bass button toggled on your beats pill.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Dirty Mouth (Harry)

There are songs that fill you with the spirit of the Rush. The risky overtake, the hasty walk to baggage reclaim – that kind of thing. Dirty Mouth definitely reminds me of these hurried moments. The song doesn’t mess about, it goes from point A to point B with no repeating sections, refreshingly linear. If youre not with Alice, Hurry the flip up. What about the lyrics I hear you say. They are incredible. I will not say anything else.

Sally Oldfield – Blue Water (Molly)

I want to hunt Sally Oldfield down and give her an massive snog because this track makes me feel like a Disco Sorceress with the power to conquer the world and maybe Venus too. It starts slow and ethereal: trinkly piano and sparkly chimes which then give way to a blissful disco groove. Listen, weep and dance!

Peggy Lipton – Let Me Pass By  (Louis)

I don’t understand how this song isn’t regarded in the bracket of great 60s songwriting. The instrumental arrangement is just gorgeous and so satisfying in that it goes exactly where you want it to. It’s the aural equivalent of eating a really timeless dish. Like a good omelette or ham, egg and chips!

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