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griffin h.m is the recording alias of Texas-based Griffin Hawk, an expert proponent of the atmospheric bedroom rock sound that he’s been perfecting since the age of 16 but has only just started sharing with the wider world. The now-22-year-old recently released his first official EP Schiele, a low-key reflection on time’s intervention on the emotional trappings of life’s tapestry.

With all the intimacy and warmth expected from the setting, the songwriting suggests there’s a lot more to come from Hawk, hinted on the creative textures and telling emotional depth of his most recent Life on Earth single. He spoke to Secret Meeting about some of the other artists we should be checking out whilst familiarising ourselves with his work…


Ren is a longtime local friend of mine who just happens to be one of my biggest inspirations. Our sounds differ, as she leans more towards clear & crisp Psychedelic / Experimental Rap sound with some dark ambient influences, but her creative output is one of my biggest personal motivators. She’s incredible as a lyricist and her delivery is so spot on that with each new release of hers, I’m giddy to listen. She’s simply got so much character. I love her dearly!

seedofscarlet (Maxwell McGilber)

Maxwell McGilber is another local friend of mine (Austin, TX) and not only works with his brother on a duo project entitled Honeytrap, in which they pump out R&B Grooves / Hip-Hop cuts, but Maxwell himself releases music under the moniker of seedofscarlet, playing with warm, summery, psychedelic indie rock cuts. Nicest dude you’ll ever meet too!


SaliYah (my final local mention!) is a singer/songwriter and electronic producer / good friend of mine. Recently signed to Austin’s own Somatic label, SaliYah is pushing the envelope with their dreamy down-tempo cuts. I was lucky enough to see their first show right before the pandemic hit, and I can’t wait to get out and head bop once again to their art.

Vivi Milne

When I came across Sacramento, CA-based Vivi Milne’s album, Key, through Spotify, I wasn’t able to stop listening to the project in full. Vivi and her infectious dreamy melodies are the type that get stuck in your head in a loop while daydreaming around town. Her song Stranger is my absolute favourite as of now. I keep it on repeat while skateboarding! (And, she’s planning on releasing her next album very soon!)

Dolly Mae

Lastly, I’d like to spotlight Dolly Mae! Her alternative and sometimes melancholy work is layered, calculated, and always catchy! Her Violet EP is absolutely beautiful, and her new single Friend of  Friend is a prime example of just how catchy her work is. I discovered her work through Soundcloud, though she’s got all of her work on streaming services now!

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