Five Right Now: Eve Owen

As you can imagine, we get sent an awful lot of music to listen to, but every so often, something comes along that unites the entire team – and Eve Owen’s debut, Don’t Let The Ink Dry, was certainly one of those records.

Having been working with The National’s Aaron Dessner for the last few years – which also saw her contributing vocals to their 2019 album, I Am Easy To Find, it would be amiss not to mention that, musically, there are elements that recall Dessner’s day job. But at no point does the collaboration overpower the Londoner’s work. No – this twelve song set is, quite simply, one of the best debut albums we have heard in a long time.

So in launching this new feature, it’s an absolute honour to have Eve Owen as our first Five Right Now guest. These are her picks:

Drug Store Romeo – Frame of Reference.

With this song, everything feels like it should be in slow motion: it’s dream-like and cool. I saw the band play recently and their sound was amazing.

Molly Payton- Corduroy

I was at school with Molly for a while. Her voice is so beautiful and endearing it makes me hold onto each word; her story telling is really amazing.

Bob Dylan- Murder Most Foul

Bob Dylan’s music has always been important to me, when I heard this song on its release day, I felt like a lot of things aligned for me. The song is very powerful: the space in it allows my mind to think and contemplate big questions.

Bonny Light Horseman and Justin Vernon- Bright Morning Stars

This track comes from one of my favourite albums of 2020. When I heard their first single, I thought it was so good that it had to be the standout track from the record. But each single that’s followed gets continuously better and better. It’s beautiful, hymn-like qualities make me feel calm.

Billie Eilish- I Love You

I really love how she is mixing things up in the industry. This song is one of my favourites of hers.

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