Five Right Now: <br> DØSSI

Norway’s DØSSI has been steadily making a name for herself in the burgeoning scene of Bergen and beyond, with the inventive sounds and stunningly-intimate vocals displayed on previous singles Memory Lane and Girl giving a glimpse of much more to come.

With new single Beloved Sun , DØSSI lifts the listener into a transcendent journey above any troubles throughout the song’s three-and-a-half minutes, its floating melodies and delicate production suspending its idyllic sentiment seemingly in reach and ripe to be taken to heart.

DØSSI kindly spoke to Secret Meeting to let us in on some of the lesser-known artists that are inspiring her…


Moyka is a very good and talented friend of mine.  I’m very impressed and inspired by her. Kanazawa is one of my favorites! I loved it from the first time I listened to the demo and I love how it has developed since then.


I listened to Dice by Konradsen on Soundcloud before it was released on the album, and I was very inspired by the soundscape and the arrangement. Dice was actually one of my biggest inspirations when producing my first single, Girl. I really recommend listening to Konradsen’s album Saints and Sebastian Stories.


ARY is also very admirable. I love the productions and honesty in ARY’s songs.

Ry X

I have been listening so much to Ry X’s album Unfurl. His voice is mesmerizing, and I love the simplicity in his songs.


I went to Hannes’ concert earlier this year at By:Larm (Oslo) by accident, and I am so happy I did! This one (Fill Me Up) is one of my favorites.

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