Five Right Now: Dana Gavanski

The introspective journey of Dana Gavanski’s debut album, Yesterday Is Gone, made it one of our favourite records of 2020. After a UK tour with Damien Jurado, and comparisons to Cate Le Bon, the Serbian native returns this weekend with shows at End of the Road, and Manchester Psych Fest.

These are her Five Right Now picks:

Nuha Ruby Ra – Sparky

Nuha! She’ll knock your socks off. Absolute stunner. Since shows have started up again, I’ve seen her multiple times and every time I’m in awe of her songs and stage presence. She just released a killer EP titled, How to Move, and has been gigging like mad. She’s a good friend of mine so I get that added benefit.

I love this song because it’s upbeat and punchy, but also quite minimal and sexy. The lyrics are so on the nose, and then boom, that chorus is cathartic. The video is great too. Another thing I really love about Nuha is the visual worlds she creates, from her persona on stage to her videos and photos. There’s something really strong there. I guess I’m just a super fan.

Clementine March – Le Continent

Clem and I go back to 2019 when she played bass and toured the UK and Europe with me. After our tour, I happened to catch her show of at Servants Jazz Quarters, and was so very enamoured by her set. Her songs are so melodic and beautifully written, and the chord progressions are exciting and daring. Clem is just a songwriting natural. I love how she can write about anything.

Le Continent is a great song. It’s on her 2020 album by the same name. It’s especially great to see it live because it’s so upbeat and groovy, and she really rocks out.

Erin Rae – True Love’s Face

I’m a big fan of Erin Rae. I discovered her through her LP, Putting on Airs, in 2019. I love her voice and lyrics. Low key and super smooth. Her songwriting feels so effortless and immediate.

This song came out not too long ago. It’s a bit more country than her last album, which I like. Got a real end of summer feel (did we even have a summer?). Just a classic repeat track, one you wanna listen to over and over again because you like the mood it puts you in.

Hal Wyrd – Billionare Sailing Round the Moon

Not officially out yet, but it’s on his Bandcamp as a demo, which I just love. The home recording sound is a sound I, myself, really like anyways. The song has a really nice build and tension, and that chorus really gets me. It’s deep and heartfelt and you really feel rage at those damn billionaire technocrats that think they’re doing something cool, but are just riding on their own self-indulgence.

James Howard AKA Hal Wyrd also plays in my band – often plays with Clementine March and has collaborated with Nuha. He’s also made a LP of new songs (I played bass on it) that he’s yet to put it out in the world, and I look forward to playing them live. Keep your minces peeled.

Mermaid Chunky – King of the Herbs

Mermaid Chunky are super fun and do their own thing. Minimal and perky, they’re as much musicians as they are performance artists, and absolutely hiralrious on stage. I had a chance to see them at Folklore in Hoxton at one of the Incredible Society shows. It was bloody brilliant.

King of the Herbs is a great song. It’s simple, playful and I love herbs. I also love how they weave electronics, folk, seriousness and silliness. You have to see them play live! (They play EOTR this year)!

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