Five Right Now: Anna B Savage

Dissecting the struggles of her past – with an attention for detail that most choose to shy away from – Anna B Savage is an artist that has taken back the realms of her creative prowess and whose journey is both inspiring and sobering. Through an almost scientific precision within her melodies, and a distinctly recognisable tonality, Savage set the standard for releases in 2021 with her album, A Common Turn, gaining cult status almost instantaneously. Embracing her vulnerability, and turning it into power, Savage is an artist guaranteed to steal the show at End Of The Road 2021.

With a new EP, These Dreams, out on the 24th September, and a UK Tour to follow in October, the closing months of 2021 promise to be eventful for the City Slang signed artist. So if you are lucky enough to head down to Larmer Tree Garden’s over these next few days, be sure to check out Anna. These are her Five Right Now picks:

Perpetual Party – Rachael Lavelle

Excuse me, but this fucking song! Holy shit. Her voice, her delivery, the production, this melody! This is some truly aspirational shit for me. I’m also lucky enough to have her supporting me for the first leg of my tour. God! I can’t wait to see this live.

Sans Soucis – On Time For Her

I’m also lucky enough to be joined by Sans Soucis for the EU leg of the tour. She just released this, and it is too dreamy. Played by Lauren Laverne and other big music legends already, too. I can’t wait to see them do their thing live.

Imagiro – Wool Gloves

I’m finishing a music masters at the moment – desperately trying to make things on Ableton. A friend of mine suggested getting a piano plugin by Imagiro. It’s £20, and sounds approximately like the Una Corda, or a really nicely felted piano, but without the eye watering price tag. Yes please. Lots of amazing stuff from this guy. Also, don’t look up how old he is, it’ll make you cry. (I also watched my first ever Twitch stream of him making music from samples people sent in. Ridiculously talented).

Penelope Isles – Sailing Still

I mean, this track is just so etherial and wonderful and shimmering. Like on a hot day when the world goes all wavy. I love it so much. Penelope Isles were so lovely to me after my SXSW show, messaged me on Instagram saying how much they enjoyed it. I started listening to them, and then this came out. And yes.

Beverly-Glenn Copeland – Ever New

I’ve been listening as much as I can to John Kelly’s Mystery Train on RTE Lyric FM. It’s the most wonderful radio show I’ve heard – reminiscent of Cillian Murphy’s 6music takeovers in its breadth and depth and surprises. This track came up on it, and I just sat in the car in this whole new world. Magnificent.

Catch Anna on the Garden Stage at 12:00 on Sunday or on tour via the link here

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