End Of The Road 2021: Ones To Watch

Hidden in amongst the calm of Larmer Tree Gardens lies a home for the alternative. Hosting an array of the world’s most eclectic musical talent, lies the aptly named End Of The Road Festival, a title fitting as the festival feels just like that. A place where those from all backgrounds can gather and lie rest assured their thirst for musical discovery shall be quenched.

Featuring headliners such as Hot Chip, Damon Albarn and Little Simz, ahead of the festival we took a look at a few artists that might slip under the radar at first glance, but whom we will be sure to be heading to see once we step foot in the festival. Here are our Ones To Watch for EOTR 2021:


With a live show unlike any others, SCALPING are an act that simply have to be seen live. While perhaps a tad too intense for some, their unique blend of industrial techno and jagged guitar stabs add a ferocity to their music most commonly found in metal. Yet despite the stems of their influence apparent throughout their music, the final amalgamation of sound that the band create is simply unique. And with a style rooted deeply in the future, SCALPING are a band that should you be in need of invigorating, or a great cardio session,  should be top of your list to see.

The Goon Sax

A perfect matrimony of multiple influences, the cohesion in which The Goon Sax blend their influences with their own distinctive writing styles create a sound that feels incredibly collaborative yet still intrinsically connected. Conversational and coated in a subtle grunge, through their latest LP, Mirrors II, the Australian band have developed a sound that seems fetched from the vaults of the past and, to their merit, brings all the nostalgia along for the ride. 

Eve Owen

An artist who came to the limelight due to her works with the likes of Aaron Dessner, but now stands in the shadow of none, Eve Owen is one you’ll want to catch ahead of the trend. It’s clear to see what the songwriting titans of the Dessner’s and Justin Vernon saw with Owen’s work, and despite being young in age, the maturity that unravels through her musical works is far beyond her years. Turning vulnerability into power, through gripping vocal runs and the ability to captivate by simply stepping to the mic, the timeless nature of Don’t Let The Ink Dry will hold an audience of all ages.

William Doyle 

An artist who lives for innovation, William Doyle has never quite gone about work in a conventional way. Gathering press quotes from his lockdown idol, Monty Don, and breathing perspective into darkness through his delve into the depths of depression through latest album, Great Spans of Muddy Time, Doyle is bound to bring a few twists and turns to Larmer Tree Gardens this year. As well as performing alongside fellow cult artist, Anna B Savage, Doyle also brings his own show to the festival. And in a similar way to the improvised nature of his melodies, while you can never be sure what Doyle has up his sleeve, we wait excitedly to see how he plans to bring his new album to life.

Bingo Fury 

Bristol based act, Bingo Fury, dive further into the noir of those chaotic internal monologues that run riot in our late night brains. A concept rather fitting for a band conceived in the twilight hours of lockdown, they are full of swooning grandeur and a perfect splashing of jazz led spontaneity. Despite being fresh faced as Bingo Fury, the band are quickly developing a name for their distinctive style. And with video epics, such as new single Big Rain, this dimly lit world of melodrama that they are building will only continue to grow.


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