Eliza Shaddad – Sept-Dec EP review

by Philip Moss

Eliza Shaddad’s EP, Sept-Dec, arrives off the back of her being named on the BBC’s Rising Star list – no pressure! But different to the usual throwaway pop that adorns such lists, this extended play certainly has edge.

One Last Embrace has all the grungy angst of early PJ Harvey, as Shaddad sings of a ‘tidal wave’ of lustful emotions with any young person can relate. Same As You, too, is framed by 90s guitars – but this time they’re more in line with the slacker vibes of Stateside acts such as Pavement, or The Breeders’ lazier moments. While the production of Mr BJ Jackson (To Kill A King, Childcare) on Girls rounds off the EP with the collection’s most refined moment.

At just three songs long, Sept-Dec is a short, sharp blast of pop tainted indie rock. And while it doesn’t totally take off, it’s more than worth ten and a half minutes of your time.

Secret Meeting score: 70


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