Song: Chloe Lawrence – Coffee With Breakfast

by Paddy Kinsella

Forged in the fire of the 60s folk movement, Manchester singer-songwriter and street musician, Chloe Lawrence’s new EP, Cafe, interweaves a coffee table-style jazz resulting in her songs possessing a grace, a gentle loping, a lullaby-like quality.

New single, Coffee with Breakfast, semblances those qualities in their sharpest concentration, and fellow Manchester-based act Runremedy’s strings accompanying Lawrence’s lifts and drops. While the instrumentation is grandiose, Lawrence teeters intriguingly on the border of sounding pretty – her voice embracing a Sinead O’Brien like saltiness in one moment and the lustre of Laura Marling’s drawn out harmonies in the next. On the quality of this recording, her busking days are certainly numbered.

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