April 2021

April has been another month of fantastic musical output. With an array of outstanding records from artists both new and returning, we’ve had the tough task of narrowing it down to five.

The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Uncommon Weather

Secret Meeting says –

Donaldson’s been a mainstay of the San Francisco/Bay Area scene since the early 00s – including his time in The Art Museums the back end of the decade. The influences on Uncommon Weather are most overtly pulled from great music of the past – namely the 1980s though, as noted by Donaldson when we chatted to him recently. But while the twee influence of Stephin Merritt (A Kick in the Face (That’s Life)), and the vocal stylings of a scaled back Morrissey are perhaps most immediate, it’s Springsteen’s DIY masterpiece, Tunnel of Love, that comes to mind on the glorious title track. It shimmers with the same ray of light that could only land through a kitchen recording studio window, as Donaldson croons – ‘Another dull day dream, another sad day dream – how else can you pass the time?’ – against a spectrum of jangle-pop guitars.

Moontype – Bodies of Water

Secret Meeting says –

It’s the variety of moods that makes Bodies of Water ever the more inviting – with each listen you become more inquisitive, and with each play, the album becomes more human. A mirroring of the conversations that make up the murmurings around us, the multitude of tempos that converge within Bodies Of Water allows for a true reflection of daily life. Be it the whirrings of an overwhelmed brain that culminates within the melodies of Blue Michigan, or the sighs of relief that emerge from Ferry, the ability to conjure emotions so kindred to the ones that we ourselves feel is a credit to the musical language that Moontype have translated.

Fog Lake – Tragedy Reel

Secret Meeting says – 

Fuelled by his scant geographical surroundings in Newfoundland, Canada, on Tragedy Reel, Powell has woven together intimate vignettes on small town life and tragedy. In a seemingly perfect marriage of melody and inspiration, Powell’s soft ethereal tones come together with tales of loss, addiction and broken friendships. There is a yearning grasp for nostalgia, before he crashes into the abyss of despair – as the realisation dawns that those times have passed.

Charlie Martin – Imaginary People

Secret Meeting says – 

What Martin has done so brilliantly on Imaginary People is turned up the brightness, and distilled the singer/songwriter aspects of Hovvdy – honing into a sound that, much like a journal, shows us stories that might have previously got lost in the abstract soundscapes. Be it through melody lines full of naivety on September, tinkerings of piano on Rusty, or the warm enveloping reassurance of tape hiss that drifts in and out throughout the record, there’s a shining childlike pride. An album full of has beens, there seems very little regret. Again, as shown in the appreciation of the ‘pretty place we grew up in’ on Madison, an admiration for the minutiae.

Lady Dan – I Am the Prophet

Secret Meeting says – 

Filled with introspection and reflection, difficult times should not be confused with sadness on Lady Dan’s debut full length, I Am the Prophet, because it is a record filled with anthems for independence. With musical touchstones including Lana Del Rey and Julia Jacklin, the weight is more than equalled by the special songwriting. 

Once you have made your way through the albums above, we would point you towards Truly – the second record from Manchester based songwriter, Caoilfhionn Rose. Along with Pansy  the debut release from Chicago’s Vivian McCall.

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