Album: Hilang Child – Every Mover review

by Philip Moss

Brighton based songwriter ushers in 2021 with an emotional bottle rocket of a return

The kaleidoscopic sound of Ed Rimen’s latest record under his Hilang Child moniker provides a metaphor for the overarching messages that appear his words. In the quiet spaces, we are given time to breathe, and to focus, mindfully, on that breathing. Shenley is introspective and small – encouraging us to look outwards; to snap free from the constraints both that we place on ourselves, and that society indoctrinates us with. To find inner strength, and to have dreams and ambitions.

But Every Mover is alive with explosions of rainbow filled colour that clash against inward reflections too. Good To Be Young reminds us to look back to childhood – before the shackles were put in place – asking ‘how are we so insecure and to hide our stories?’ It’s on Play ’til Evening though where Every Mover really opens up, and Rimen’s positivity combines in words and dynamic – bringing to mind the ticker tape, stadium anthems that Coldplay scribed on Mylo Xyloto.

January can be an unwelcoming month. But if you’re looking for a musical escape, Rimen makes a great guide, and Every Mover is a place well worth adventuring.

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