Album: Adeline Hotel – Solid Love review

by Philip Moss

Let’s get one thing straight from the off: Adeline Hotel’s Dan Knishkowy is an excellent songwriter. And while the New Yorker had no idea what kind of world his third album would enter when he was writing it, somehow it offers up the perfect dose of alluring soft-rock necessary to comfort us during these odd times.

Title track, Solid Love, has a jazzy undercurrent that flashes in and out throughout. Melodically, the New York based singer, who duets brilliantly here with Brigid Mae Power, recalls Friendship’s Dan Wriggins and doesn’t take the path you think he might – yet, somehow, always ends up at the catchiest note – making the title track feel like a cherished old favourite.

Strange Sometimes is different in feel – making inventive use of hand claps as a focal point, while its guitar part echoes Kate Bush’s Wild Man. Yet again, it is another track that makes Adeline Hotel difficult to pigeon hole in a good way. Trying For You is a lovely acoustic based number, that again shows off Power’s harmonies over its repetitive refrain.

Trace once more takes a direction you’re not expecting, as it wanders off into an spacious jam – absolutely benefitting from Ben Seretan’s soundscape guitars – at the exact point it feels like it will fall apart. The best cut though is closer, Takes a Long Time, which has more of a live feel than what’s come before it, and makes exceptional use of Dave Lackner’s droning saxophones.

So check yourself into Adeline Hotel, switch off from the world and all its humbling chaos, and let the sensuous, spacious soundtrack of Solid Love take over.

Secret Meeting score: 83

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